by Annawade Stevenson Annawade Stevenson

Improving every step of the infusion process with automatic cutting

Reinforced Plastics  Volume 60, Number 4  July/August 2016 Article excerpt:
With the introduction of new materials such as the Lantor Soric group of materials, Eastman Machine Company has responded by offering a range of equipment that meets the automatic cutting and roll handling demands for experimentation, concept testing or full-production runs.
As new applications for composites have emerged, Eastman has worked in tandem with industry engineers to develop and enhance the cutting products, capabilities and technical support offered. With over 128 years of experience innovating products used for all types of flexible soft goods, Eastman’s product portfolio includes computer-controlled (CNC) systems and manual tools (operated by hand); material handling equipment for pre-and post-cutting piece management; and a sophisticated software suite of programs.
Success in an automated cutting environment can be measured with reductions in manual labor and scrap of expensive composite materials, improved throughput and quality of cut parts and faster time to market.
Automatic cutting systems are available in a variety of widths and lengths to address the industry supply of core materials, foams, reinforced plastics and other flexible materials. Each project is uniquely considered and the equipment is configured based on the anticipated materials to be cut, pattern dimensions and end product.

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