Customer Cases


Birdair, Inc.

Eastman Machine has once again impressed me with their ability to deliver what we needed, carry it through from the order, to delivery, and to post-sale support. The new cutting surface for our M9000 static cutting table has worked well. Installation went very smoothly with your technical guidance. It took only 2 1/2 days for removal of the old surface and installation of the new. The new continuous surface unrolled very flat and we are seeing some of the best cut edges with our 18 year old M9000.

Brian E. Dentinger, Director


Bouckaert Industrial Textiles

Turns out we do love them [Eastman Super Duty Slitting Machine]! The operators say they’re the best cutters we’ve ever used. I’ll be placing an order for more shortly.

Brent Meditz, Safety Director


Certikin North

When it was time to replace our 20 year old Eastman EC3 cutting conveyor we knew we needn't look elsewhere. The help and service received to keep production going made Eastman the only choice. The new C125 gives us increased functionality and the ability to optimise all areas of our cutting processes along with the confidence that we can cut what we want when we need it.

Adam Butler, Operations Manager



There really is no comparison. It’s machine versus man. Before it, they cut by hand. Now it takes the machine a minute to cut a 30 square foot pattern with no waste and little room for error. It’s all about accuracy and productivity.

Sebastian Pratap, Director of Panel Production


ESE Industries

The machine has been working great. My floor guys picked it up very quickly and run and maintain it very well.

Blake Sanchez, VP of Engineering


Greene Mountain Outdoors LLC

It is working great. It has been a great addition to our company. Never knew we needed a cutter so bad and am amazed at the increased capability we have now.

Kevin Greene, Owner


Hyperlite Mountain Gear Inc.

I have never had a more supportive buying process – we faced unique challenges with preparing our site for the installation and we would not have been successful without the guidance from your company. The performance of the machine together with the people who stand behind it have been nothing less than outstanding.

John Schafer, Director of Operations


Magnum Research

The Falcon Auto Track that Magnum Research purchased a while back is awesome. It exceeds our expectations. Surprisingly the cutters last far longer than we anticipated. We are cutting frozen pre preg carbon sheets with a paper backing. We get thousands of cuts per cutter [blade] and go hundreds of cuts before sharpening them. It is safer and faster than any previous method we have tried.

Jim Tertin,Design and R&D

RagBag Services Ltd

You guys make great equipment. A while ago I tried a few other cheaper brands and they ended up costing me a fortune. Eastman is by far the best!

Greg MacDonald