Cutting solutions for Marine-Specific Applications

By replacing the tedium of cutting with scissors and working with an automatic digital cutting system, boat builders, MRO pros and cover designers can cut intricate markers, one-of-a-kind patterns, samples or full production with one system.

Nested pattern files can be cut to size eliminating expensive waste of fiberglass, core, balsa, cotton backed vinyl, outdoor sun/shade materials, marine-grade plastic polymer & PVC foam sheets, carpet and other materials commonly used in the marine industry. Eastman works in tandem with material producers to ensure the fastest, most accurate cuts are prepared in advance of the infusion process – materials used in hulls, decks, boat and yacht structures – as well as clean applications like covers, interiors and carpets.

A combination tool head featuring three standard cutting knives for cutting flexible materials (fiberglass, carbon, vinyl, carpet, etc.) may be combined with a router on the same cutting gantry in order to address the needs for foam core, balsa and other core materials.

Success in an automated cutting environment can be measured with reductions in manual labor, decreased scrap of expensive composite materials, improved throughput, reduced time to market and improved quality of cut parts.

To learn more about throughput and volume production of fiberglass with Eastman automated systems, check out the Fiberglass Brochure.

A wide range of manual cutting machines suitable for the same materials, including options powered by air for wet environments, positions Eastman as a one-stop provider for all your cutting and material handling needs.


Eastman equipment meets recognized international protection ratings requirements and optional accessories include industry-approved inks for high-speed printing; sealed control & computer enclosures to offer dust and water resistant protection in harsh or high particulate environments and other compliant accessories as demanded to meet the strictest guidelines.

Solutions de découpe automatisées – voir la brochure.

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