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Customers unite to offer contract cutting resources

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Eastman Machine announced today that its exclusive Matchmaker program is connecting facilities manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPE) with more than a dozen customers who offer automatic, CNC (computer-controlled) cutting services. The Matchmaker program has successfully linked organizations throughout the U.S. and U.K. for several decades from Eastman’s website.

Thousands of manufacturers use automatic and manual cutting machines to cut flexible materials used in products as varied as skis, gymnastics mats, window blinds, awnings and race cars. Over the last few weeks, these same manufacturers have been transitioning their operations to aid other industries deemed essential in the fight against COVID-19: health care, military, safety and sanitation.

The Matchmaker program aims to connect experienced Eastman cutting system facilities with those who are seeking production support and other services such as, but not limited to:

  • Pattern design
  • Prototyping
  • High-speed automatic cutting
  • Sewing
  • Kit assembly
  • Packaging

Participating Eastman Matchmaker companies are listed on:

Eastman has been manufacturing manually-operated cutting machines, automated CNC cutting systems, CAD/CAM software programs and material handling equipment in Buffalo since 1888. For those who may need assistance or additional capacity to meet the sudden increase in PPE manufacturing, the dedicated experts at Eastman Machine are ready to help. Please call +1-716-856-2200 or head to

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Bloc Blinds

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American Giant

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Converting cut and sew for COVID-19

This month, New York State recognized Eastman’s Buffalo manufactured products and services as ‘essential’ in the growing demand for PPE around the world. A 130-year old manufacturer of cutting machines, fully automated cutting systems and material handling equipment, the company is receiving calls from current customers converting operations to new materials and products on short notice as well as incoming inquiries from concerned citizens who want to be a part of the support efforts.

Please visit Eastman’s medical industry resources  page to complete the contact form if you require assistance converting your existing machine for different materials, patterns or need additional tools to complete new jobs. Eastman’s team of applications specialists are available to provide guidance on appropriate machine configurations or simple changes to existing operations to meet new material requirements.

Eastman is also connecting existing customers with those seeking contract cutting resources through our Matchmaker program. If you have services to offer and would like special notes added to your listing, please fill out the contact form or email today.