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Mar 18
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Mar 18


by Lydia Anaka Lydia Anaka

Eastman Continues Operation to Aid in COVID-19 Crisis

Eastman Assistance

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Eastman Machine Company, manufacturer of handheld cutting machines, automated cutting systems, spreading and material handling systems, has been granted a waiver of continued operation by New York State. NYS recognized Eastman’s ability to provide essential services, valuable work and products to those who are being asked by Governor Cuomo and President Trump to manufacture bulk medical supplies.

Beyond the machines manufactured at Eastman, the company supplies a worldwide customer network with critical parts, technical service and remote support from its headquarters in Buffalo, NY. As a trusted supplier to both small and large companies, Eastman machines are in high-demand during this unanticipated ‘war’ against COVID-19. The company is proud to manufacture the technology that leading American apparel and textile manufacturers are using as they align forces to respond to the national emergency.

Eastman offers the widest variety of industrial fabrics cutting solutions, both manually-operated and fully automated, CNC cutting systems for materials that must meet performance regulations related to bacterial filtration, resistance to penetration from microorganisms, body fluids, and other contaminants from one person to another.

Cutting flexible technical textiles is often the first phase of manufacturing in the now critical production of masks, hospital bedding, gowns, curtains, gloves, first aid items, medical wipes, laboratory coats and other PPE. Eastman has been fielding calls from current customers around the globe who traditionally cut flexible materials for applications as varied as skis, window blinds and spa covers who are now transitioning their operations to aid other industries deemed essential: health care, utility, military and law enforcement, transportation, safety and sanitation, agriculture and construction.

“All of us at Eastman are an important part of this fight,” says Robert Stevenson, Eastman Machine President and CEO. “I am thankful for our employees and customers who continue to do their part to help America beat this virus.”

For those who may need support or additional capacity to meet the sudden increase in PPE manufacturing, the dedicated experts at Eastman Machine are ready to assist. Please call +1-716-856-2200 or head to www.eastmancuts.com.

by Lydia Anaka Lydia Anaka

Quality Is Why Factory Five Continues to Choose Eastman

Factory Five

Wareham, MA – Factory Five Racing, American manufacturer of component car kits, has been an Eastman customer for the past 17 years. Using Eastman cutting systems and software, Factory Five constructs unique Made in USA build-it-yourself car kits.

After 13 years of daily use, the Factory Five team decided it was time to advance their cutting room from analog to digital and swap their “trusty” Eastman M9000 for an Eagle S125. The new system came equipped with improved performance, stability and security, allowing Factory Five to continue fast and accurate trimming of fiberglass, carpet and Kevlar.

The Eagle S125 has proven itself as the go-to resource for many industries as it has capabilities of cutting, marking and punching virtually any flexible material at speeds of nearly 60 inches per second (152.4 cm/second). For Factory Five, CNC-based manufacturing with an Eastman system has “reduced the cost of manufacturing while improving the accuracy, strength and finish” of its product.

Just like any Eastman cutting system, the S125 is completely customizable based on the customer’s application and demands. A variety of system widths and lengths and tool head accessories are available to ensure your machine is maximizing productivity.

Eastman Machine Company has been manufacturing American made cutting solutions for over 130 years and is proud to be contributing to further American production of goods with Factory Five. The Eagle S125 Static Table, along with hundreds of other cutting solutions, is proudly designed and manufactured at Eastman Machine Company’s headquarters in Buffalo, New York.

Eastman will host demonstrations during CAMX 2020, September 21-24 in booth S13. Complimentary test cut evaluations to capture the machine’s speed and recommended configuration are available by contacting the Eastman headquarters at +1-716-856-2200.

by Liz McGruder Liz McGruder

Hornet Rotary Shear Adds Power and Speed to Cordless Cutting


BUFFALO, N.Y. – Eastman proudly announces the 2020 release of the Hornet, a cordless, professional-grade rotary shear that will buzz through material while giving the user complete control and maneuverability.

The Hornet, a 4 pound (1.8 kg) rechargeable shear, boasts a powerful, high torque motor with variable speed settings of 10,000 RPM, 17,500 RPM and 25,000 RPM. Standard to the tool is a semi-square blade, with maximum blade speed of 8,400 RPM and cutting capacity of up to 0.38 in (0.96 cm) thick material. Other blade options include a circular blade, perfect for tighter-knit material, or an octagon blade, ideal for tough-to-cut material as its unique shape offers high cutting power. The Hornet comes equipped with two 20V (4ah) lithium-ion batteries with a recharge time of one hour per battery. Optional features include a ball tip, to guide open material without snagging, a pelican head, to scoop lofted goods through the blade, or a pressure foot, to support material on both sides of the blade during the cutting process. Each option plays a specific role so the user can completely customize their machine and cut anything from prepreg carbon to silk without binding or tearing. No matter the industry, if cutting material by hand is a part of your daily operation, the Hornet will become a staple in your toolbox.

The Hornet rotary shear is proudly engineered at Eastman’s Buffalo, New York headquarters along with hundreds of other solutions for the cutting room.Eastman Machine Company plans to display the Hornet at the upcoming ISA Sign Expo (Orlando, Florida) on August 23-25, 2020 in booth 5335. Complimentary test cut evaluations to capture the machine’s speed and recommended configuration are available by contacting the Eastman headquarters at +1-716-856-2200.


by Lydia Anaka Lydia Anaka

Indie Source’s Key to Efficiency: The Blue Streak II

Link to Instagram Video

Los Angeles, CA – Indie Source, a Los Angeles based apparel manufacturer, boasts efficiency with the Eastman Blue Streak II straight knife. Continuously seeking tools and techniques to improve its cutting room, the Indie Source team, “found all of the efficient qualities,” says Johnny Donovan, Marketing Manager, “in the Eastman Blue Streak II.”

Designed with versatility in mind, the Blue Streak can cut through any sized stack of material with ease. The low profile streamlined baseplate reduces friction and distortion, regardless of the number of plies. Even the tightest radii and most intricate patterns are easy to maneuver due to the Blue Streak’s power to weight ratio and narrow silhouette standard.

The Blue Streak is, “Well-equipped to meet the demand of any job,” says Donovan, “Even layers of stacked fabric or leather, making cloth cutting at Indie Source efficient and productive.”

Eastman Machine Company revolutionized the apparel industry in 1888 after developing the first electric fabric cutting machine, the Blue Streak. Over a century later, Eastman manual machines remain a necessity among the apparel industry and are contributing to the recent resurgence of Made in America apparel production.

The Blue Streak II straight knife, along with hundreds of other cutting solutions, is proudly designed and manufactured at Eastman Machine Company’s headquarters in Buffalo, New York.

Eastman will host demonstrations during Texprocess Americas 2020, May 12-14 at booth 433.

link to Instagram video

Instagram Video: Blue Streak II in action at Indie Source

For more behind the scenes of USA apparel manufacturing at Indie Source, click here.

by Lydia Anaka Lydia Anaka

Eastman Presents Manual Cutting Solutions at Foam Expo 2020

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Eastman Machine plans to exhibit at Foam Expo (Novi, Michigan) on March 24-26, 2020 in booth 2130. Eastman representatives will be onsite to present cutting solutions from the entire line of equipment.

Eastman has an expansive variety of both manual and automated cutting systems for the technical foam market. A large range of round knives will be on display, configured with the technical foam market in mind. The brand-new Hornet, a rechargeable rotary shear with variable speed settings, will be the highlight of this year’s exhibition

by Liz McGruder Liz McGruder

Restoring Apparel Manufacturing with America Knits

Swainsboro, GA – Eastman Machine Company is honored to work with America Knits in re-establishing apparel manufacturing in Swainsboro, Georgia for the first time in over twenty years. America Knits, a Georgia-based apparel manufacturing company, held its grand opening Thursday, November 14 after investing in an Eastman Talon 75x™ System to aid support in the company’s production of high quality, authentic, Made In America apparel.

The Eastman Talon 75x™ is engineered and manufactured in America to automatically pull stacked material piles from the spreading table to a modular, bristle-block conveyor bed for reciprocating knife cutting patterns. The Talon offers an industrial-strength solution for cutting up to 7.5cm (3 inches) of compressed material goods. Partnership with America Knits is just one example of how far Eastman Machine has come since its entrance into the apparel industry.

The Eastman Machine Company, a family business, was founded in 1888 after developing the first electric fabric cutting machine, the Blue Streak. The revolutionary machine put an end to tedious manual cutting room labor and remains a necessity among the apparel industry at a global scale. Almost five generations later, Eastman Machine continues to support American apparel manufacturers by customarily cultivating advanced technology.

The grand opening included special guests Swainsboro Mayor, Charles Schwabe, Ken Warnick, Swainsboro Emanuel County Chamber and Development Authority CEO and Lloyd Wood, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Textiles, Consumer Goods and Materials in the U.S. Department of Commerce.

“We are excited that Eastman is a part of such a milestone event,” said Robert L. Stevenson, Eastman Machine Company President and CEO. “Our continued focus on identifying and creating tools to enable modern manufacturing in the U.S. is what placed us in the position to assist in the revival of apparel production in America.” Eastman thanks Steve Hawkins, America Knits CEO, for the vision and confidence to once again establish Made in America as a viable brand.

For more information on America Knits, please visit www.americaknits.com.


(Image on far left by Devin Steele)

by Liz McGruder Liz McGruder

New Eagle-C125 conveyors available for small spaces

The Eagle C125 conveyor is a computer controlled (CNC) ply-cutting system engineered for single- to low-ply automatic cutting of flexible fabrics; composite reinforcements like fiberglass, carbon and aramid; industrial fabrics and insulations as well as traditional textiles. It has the ability to continuously convey rolled material goods with consistent speed and control. This computer-controlled cutting system requires minimal operator guidance to automatically feed and spread material to the identified start position. The conveyor system is available in nearly a dozen different widths from 60 inches to over 14 ft. wide and several lengths.

Eastman is proud to announce the fall 2019 release of the Eagle-C125 conveyor cutting system in three new configurations.  The latest development features several options aimed to minimize overall factory space required but maintain complete cutting automation for industrial cutting applications. The Eagle-C125 will be demonstrated at the IFAI Expo (Orlando, Florida) on October 1-3 in booth 2136.

The fall 2019 highlight is the release of a new, eight foot length, single-frame design in 60”, 72” and 78” widths. Following 25 years of successful and continued production of longer conveyor systems, the 8ft. configuration is anticipated to answer the need of small and large companies who are eager to minimize production space. The C125 conveyor system is an ideal choice for companies who need to cut long parts, require continuous conveying or simply want to minimize the material handling commonly associated with a static table cutting system. It is the system of choice of thousands of manufacturers around the world for its industrial build, durability of critical components and proven rack & pinion drive system. The Eagle-C125 system features cutting speeds up to 60 inches per second (152cm/second).

The demonstration at IFAI will also highlight several options available to further streamline floor space necessary as well as features that can be built into other, larger size configurations:

  • All computer hardware and electronic control mechanisms are contained within the base of the machine, an upgrade from the standard free-standing kiosk (not available for 60” system).
  • Positive air pressure may be added for further protection in high particulate environments and meets IP compliance demands
  • Computer monitor and workspace are machine-mounted at an ergonomic height and pivot for operator preference
  • Internally mounted variable frequency drive for vacuum control and step-up or -down transformer ensure simple access for operators but also eliminates the need for external mounting or additional enclosures (both optional)
  • Belt scraping device stops material scrap and debris from going under the machine but also deflects hands from gaining access to pinch points
  • Fork pockets welded to the frame for ease of unloading or movement

The Eagle-C125 conveyor system is proudly engineered and manufactured at Eastman’s Buffalo, New York headquarters along with hundreds of other solutions for the cutting room.

Demonstrations will be hosted during the IFAI Expo in Orlando, Florida from October 1-3 in booth 2136. Full list of upcoming events is available here

by Liz McGruder Liz McGruder

Eastman Introduces the Hawk™ Automatic Cutting System

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Eastman Machine Company, manufacturer of handheld cutting machines, automated cutting systems, spreading and material handling systems announces the release of the Hawk automatic cutting system. The Hawk joins the equipment portfolio as a solution specific to professionals working in the advanced printing, packaging and graphics sector as well as industrial applications like gaskets, foam and insulation which require special cutting applications. Eastman debuted the Hawk TL at the ISA Expo (International Sign Expo) in Las Vegas, Nevada USA in April 2019.

The Hawk is a high-speed, precision cutting system which focuses on the essentials: the work surface is freely accessible from all sides; it has an extremely robust yet slimline traverse cutting gantry; rack and pinion drive system in all axis for slip-free drive; and powerful AC-servo motors and CAN-Bus-steering techniques for high throughput. A multi-functional tool head is the highlight of the system, answering the specific need of packaging and graphics professionals that seek a wide variety of tools on one system. A combinable single and multi-functional tool head with tangentially controlled tool holders is designed to hold up to 7 tools, features controlled depth adjustment and AutomaticEye™ intelligence. For facilities working outside of traditional flat packaging board and soft signage, there is a variety of more traditional tools which can be mounted – a driven “pizza wheel”, a bevel cut tool, and router.

Optional features include, but are not limited to:

  • Conveyor system with integrated unloading table
  • Motorized and manual unwinding / winding devices for rolled goods
  • Camera system for accurate assignment of scaling of prints
  • Barcode reader
  • Projection of the cutting outline onto the material
  • Felt or polyurethane cutting surfaces

The Hawk is available in many working widths and lengths and features cutting speeds of 45 to 90 inches per second depending on the cutting system size, configuration and tool head configured.

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Demo & Previously Owned Systems – Fast Delivery

Great Pricing on Refurbs & Demo Systems

Availability is first come, first serve and subject to change. Listing valid 14 February 2020
Please contact sales@eastmancuts.com for additional technical specifications, a proposal and any additional information.
Automatic Cutting Equipment Available
  • 78″ Raptor NEW
  • Demo Hawk

Spreading Equipment Available

  • 72″ Saber C-Series 250E with 12″ Screen, Slightly Used
  • Blue Jay 72″, 66″ Pull Off
  • ES-660 70″
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iSpecc Limited (U.K.) – Advanced composites specialist joins team

BUFFALO, New York –Eastman Machine Company, a 130 year-old manufacturing company specializing in cutting equipment, announces that it has appointed iSpecc Limited of the U.K. to represent its line of automated cutting systems and material handling equipment for the composites market. iSpecc will be represented together with Eastman at  JEC World in Paris. JEC World unites the global composites industry over three days. A range of bespoke automated solutions custom-engineered for the industry will be demonstrated in Eastman’s stand (hall 6, stand D59).

iSpecc offer a variety of equipment and industrial services to the aerospace, automotive, energy, defense and advanced composites sectors with in-depth knowledge of capital plant including Eastman cutting systems, robotic production cells, industrial ovens, presses, hot drape formers, RTM equipment and advanced mould/tools. iSpecc assist with; capital plant design, specification, production process optimization and procurement assistance. Their project management division offers professional implementation of capital plant installations whilst their consultancy offers real insight and market intelligence for infrastructure programming, return on investment analysis and advice on compliance to key legislation governing operation of capital plant with guidance on advanced controls for industry 4.0 to increase productivity. iSpecc will take the time to understand your process, production and quality targets and specify the optimal Eastman solution.

A demonstration facility featuring a range of Eastman solutions is expected to be established together with iSpecc by 2020. The site will be open for cutting trials and software training to all customers in the EU.

“We are really pleased to represent Eastman. They have an amazing heritage for engineering really robust machinery with advanced software solutions and they have an ethos of going the extra mile for customers which fits well with our approach”

Nigel Clifford, iSpecc Limited


“We are excited about the partnership with iSpecc for a number of reasons, including their ability to localize project management together with the technical and commercial skills needed to address a wide range of customer applications. We look forward to collaboratively growing our businesses.”

Trevor Stevenson, VP Eastman Machine Company