Straight Knives

The industry standard since 1888, Eastman straight knife machines are engineered with high-speed reciprocating cutting technology to cut the most diverse range of traditional, modern and industrial fabrics in the market today.

Cut straight to the heart of the matter.

Straight Knives – Blue Streak and Brute

Fabricated using modern manufacturing technology, superior components and skilled craftsmen, the high torque motor and low-profile baseplate design offers an optimal solution for cutting both intricate and simple patterns in stacked material plies. Designed for customization, the straight knife machine features numerous configurations in blades, edges and stroke. The versatility of the power, size, stroke and speed configurations of this product line sets the Eastman straight knife machine apart from its competitors, and has successfully done so for over a century.

  • Engineered with a low profile, polished and streamlined baseplate designed to reduce friction and distortion of material, regardless of the number of plies
  • Constructed of superior quality materials to ensure durability and longevity
  • Motor is designed and manufactured to efficiently disperse heat away from the operator
  • Designed to cut out patterns, as well as straight lines in multiple thicknesses of material
  • Motor housing incorporates a single-reservoir oiling system which eliminates the need to oil during a work shift
  • One-touch automatic sharpener to keep the blade razor sharp
  • Machines are available in eight different heights (5 in. – 13 in. / 12.7 cm – 33 cm),  designed for different cutting applications; the lower the machine, the easier it is to maneuver

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