Tech Service

Global Technical Support

U.S. (Toll-Free): +1-800-872-5571
International: +1-716-856-2200
Fax: +1-716-856-1140

Technical Support Europe / Africa

Europe, Africa*
*Outside of E.S.T. 8am – 5pm

Technical Support Australasia / Pacific Lines

Australasia & Pacific*
*For fastest service of automated customers in noted time zone

Eastman Tech Service

Eastman’s technical support department is made up of a dedicated staff of professionals with years of experience with installation, troubleshooting and servicing all mechanical, electrical and software related aspects of the automated systems. Eastman believes that service doesn’t end at delivery, and that support and dependability are key components to building strong customer relationships. Eastman provides technical support and on-site service for our automated systems as required.

Machine Installation – Automated Systems

The installation team is involved with ensuring smooth, fast and safe delivery of your new investment!

  • Pre-Installation check-lists
  • Computer / Software and Training
  • Receiving Equipment and Equipment Placement
  • Electrical and Compressed Air Requirements
  • External Conditions and Special Requirements
  • Cutting Area Recommendations

Operations and Production Training – Automated Systems

  • System integration on-site
  • Installation and training of the machine and operating software

Preventative Maintenance Training

To ensure that your equipment runs at peak performance levels and with continued reliability, Eastman suggests following our recommended preventative maintenance schedule. This comprehensive list of daily, monthly and yearly tasks will guarantee ongoing quality performance while limiting machine down-time. Our technical service team would be happy to supply this list to new and existing customers at any time. Please contact us for details.