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Manufacturing Machinery for American-Made Products

Eastman Machine Company has a long history of American-made cutting solutions. Our family-operated business has engineered and assembled products in the United States for five generations.

From classic fibers to modern composites, Eastman’s US-based customers cut a wide variety of materials for their own American-made products. As a machinery manufacturer in the US, we help companies across industries continue production, even when global supply chains are interrupted.

The current state of the world has the potential to usher in “American manufacturing’s next chapter.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, the strengths of an American supply chain are on display. Companies sourcing their equipment and materials domestically have a distinct advantage in a time when efficient procurement matters immensely. These resources are more readily available and can arrive faster than their overseas counterparts.

This advantage benefits the end users of products made in America as well. Companies with geographically convenient suppliers, as well as designers and engineers located near their manufacturing facilities, can more quickly pivot to essential products. These companies can continue manufacturing their usual products alongside PPE and other in-demand items.

These advantages are highlighted by COVID-19 but they are by no means unique to the current pandemic. “[S]ince March [2020], the share of North American manufacturers who say they are interested in bringing their operations home has leapt 10% to 64%.”

Supporting American Manufacturers

Eastman is proud of its longstanding role within this supply chain, even as a part of the process that end users often don’t consider. Manufacturing companies in the US, including Eastman, form close relationships with their points of contact within the domestic supply chain, enhancing the quality of both the partnership and the finished goods.

Throughout more than 130 years in business, we have continuously designed and manufactured cutting machines engineered to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our commitment to high-quality machinery manufacturing in the US is matched by US-based lifetime support for our machines. Because of the long term relationships we form with our customers, we’re able to help them adapt in times of change by providing innovative solutions, whether they’re manufacturing PPE or offering new products to their customers.

SeaCanvas’ S125 Static System

SeaCanvas usually makes custom marine canvas, for applications ranging from powerboat enclosures to sailboat dodgers, with its Eastman S125 Static Table Cutting System. Now, their Southern New Jersey facility is manufacturing face shields cut by the American-made S125.

Read more about SeaCanvas’ transition from marine to medical.

Saratoga Horseworks’ Eagle C125 Conveyor System

In the Capital Region of New York, Saratoga Horseworks’ Eagle C125 Conveyor System usually cuts custom equestrian equipment. Now, the computer-controlled cutting system, designed and manufactured in the United States, cuts face shields and isolation gowns.

Read more about Saratoga Horseworks’ commitment to sourcing innovative American-made materials and machinery.

America Knits’ Talon 25x™

America Knits prides itself on its American grown, American made apparel. This commitment to a domestic supply chain extends to its machinery as well. The Georgia-based manufacturer uses an Eastman Talon 25x™ as an essential component of its cut-and-sew facility.

Read more about America Knits’ efforts to manufacture PPE.

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Converting cut and sew for COVID-19

This month, New York State recognized Eastman’s Buffalo manufactured products and services as ‘essential’ in the growing demand for PPE around the world. A 130-year old manufacturer of cutting machines, fully automated cutting systems and material handling equipment, the company is receiving calls from current customers converting operations to new materials and products on short notice as well as incoming inquiries from concerned citizens who want to be a part of the support efforts.

Please visit Eastman’s medical industry resources  page to complete the contact form if you require assistance converting your existing machine for different materials, patterns or need additional tools to complete new jobs. Eastman’s team of applications specialists are available to provide guidance on appropriate machine configurations or simple changes to existing operations to meet new material requirements.

Eastman is also connecting existing customers with those seeking contract cutting resources through our Matchmaker program. If you have services to offer and would like special notes added to your listing, please fill out the contact form or email today.

by Liz McGruder Liz McGruder

Composites World

Customers using cutting tables to fabricate composite parts and structures are turning to Eastman to retrofit for processing medical-grade fabrics. Read more in Composites World:

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Eastman Continues Operation to Aid in COVID-19 Crisis

Eastman Assistance

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Eastman Machine Company, manufacturer of handheld cutting machines, automated cutting systems, spreading and material handling systems, has been granted a waiver of continued operation by New York State. NYS recognized Eastman’s ability to provide essential services, valuable work and products to those who are being asked by Governor Cuomo and President Trump to manufacture bulk medical supplies.

Beyond the machines manufactured at Eastman, the company supplies a worldwide customer network with critical parts, technical service and remote support from its headquarters in Buffalo, NY. As a trusted supplier to both small and large companies, Eastman machines are in high-demand during this unanticipated ‘war’ against COVID-19. The company is proud to manufacture the technology that leading American apparel and textile manufacturers are using as they align forces to respond to the national emergency.

Eastman offers the widest variety of industrial fabrics cutting solutions, both manually-operated and fully automated, CNC cutting systems for materials that must meet performance regulations related to bacterial filtration, resistance to penetration from microorganisms, body fluids, and other contaminants from one person to another.

Cutting flexible technical textiles is often the first phase of manufacturing in the now critical production of masks, hospital bedding, gowns, curtains, gloves, first aid items, medical wipes, laboratory coats and other PPE. Eastman has been fielding calls from current customers around the globe who traditionally cut flexible materials for applications as varied as skis, window blinds and spa covers who are now transitioning their operations to aid other industries deemed essential: health care, utility, military and law enforcement, transportation, safety and sanitation, agriculture and construction.

“All of us at Eastman are an important part of this fight,” says Robert Stevenson, Eastman Machine President and CEO. “I am thankful for our employees and customers who continue to do their part to help America beat this virus.”

For those who may need support or additional capacity to meet the sudden increase in PPE manufacturing, the dedicated experts at Eastman Machine are ready to assist. Please call +1-716-856-2200 or head to

by Lydia Anaka Lydia Anaka

Quality Is Why Factory Five Continues to Choose Eastman

Wareham, MA – Factory Five Racing, American manufacturer of component car kits, has been an Eastman customer for the past 17 years. Using Eastman cutting systems and software, Factory Five constructs unique Made in USA build-it-yourself car kits.

After 13 years of daily use, the Factory Five team decided it was time to advance their cutting room from analog to digital and swap their “trusty” Eastman M9000 for an Eagle S125. The new system came equipped with improved performance, stability and security, allowing Factory Five to continue fast and accurate trimming of fiberglass, carpet and Kevlar.

The Eagle S125 has proven itself as the go-to resource for many industries as it has capabilities of cutting, marking and punching virtually any flexible material at speeds of nearly 60 inches per second (152.4 cm/second). For Factory Five, CNC-based manufacturing with an Eastman system has “reduced the cost of manufacturing while improving the accuracy, strength and finish” of its product.

Just like any Eastman cutting system, the S125 is completely customizable based on the customer’s application and demands. A variety of system widths and lengths and tool head accessories are available to ensure your machine is maximizing productivity.

Eastman Machine Company has been manufacturing American made cutting solutions for over 130 years and is proud to be contributing to further American production of goods with Factory Five. The Eagle S125 Static Table, along with hundreds of other cutting solutions, is proudly designed and manufactured at Eastman Machine Company’s headquarters in Buffalo, New York.

Eastman will host demonstrations during CAMX 2020, September 21-24 in booth S13. Complimentary test cut evaluations to capture the machine’s speed and recommended configuration are available by contacting the Eastman headquarters at +1-716-856-2200.

by Liz McGruder Liz McGruder

Hornet Rotary Shear Adds Power and Speed to Cordless Cutting


BUFFALO, N.Y. – Eastman proudly announces the 2020 release of the Hornet, a cordless, professional-grade rotary shear that will buzz through material while giving the user complete control and maneuverability.

The Hornet, a 4 pound (1.8 kg) rechargeable shear, boasts a powerful, high torque motor with variable speed settings of 10,000 RPM, 17,500 RPM and 25,000 RPM. Standard to the tool is a semi-square blade, with maximum blade speed of 8,400 RPM and cutting capacity of up to 0.38 in (0.96 cm) thick material. Other blade options include a circular blade, perfect for tighter-knit material, or an octagon blade, ideal for tough-to-cut material as its unique shape offers high cutting power. The Hornet comes equipped with two 20V (4ah) lithium-ion batteries with a recharge time of one hour per battery. Optional features include a ball tip, to guide open material without snagging, a pelican head, to scoop lofted goods through the blade, or a pressure foot, to support material on both sides of the blade during the cutting process. Each option plays a specific role so the user can completely customize their machine and cut anything from prepreg carbon to silk without binding or tearing. No matter the industry, if cutting material by hand is a part of your daily operation, the Hornet will become a staple in your toolbox.

The Hornet rotary shear is proudly engineered at Eastman’s Buffalo, New York headquarters along with hundreds of other solutions for the cutting room.Eastman Machine Company plans to display the Hornet at the upcoming ISA Sign Expo (Orlando, Florida) on August 23-25, 2020 in booth 5335. Complimentary test cut evaluations to capture the machine’s speed and recommended configuration are available by contacting the Eastman headquarters at +1-716-856-2200.