by Annawade Stevenson Annawade Stevenson

CAMX Demo System – SOLD!

Eastman S125 demo unit to be used at the CAMX Show (Dallas, October 27-29) available for immediate delivery in November.
Contact for system details, pricing and delivery information.

Composites-Specific Cutting Capabilities for R&D and Production

  • Flexibility – to handle the widest range of materials
  • Fast and Easy set-up for experimentation, concept testing or full-production runs
  • Quality – for cut accuracy and edge quality

Eastman Systems for Cutting Composites

Please contact us directly with any questions or to discuss your unique application requirements. Eastman automated systems are suitable for cutting composites in both dry and pre-preg form. Our team of applications specialists have significant experience with R&D and production cutting of composite category materials like, but not limited to:

  • Fiberglass (Glas fibre) – Various types of dry and pre-preg glass
  • Carbon Fiber – Various types of dry and pre-preg carbon
  • Aramid (Kevlar®) – Various types of dry and pre-preg aramids
  • Dyneema®
  • Spectra Shield®
  • Graphite®
  • Polyethylene Thermoplastics (P-tex®)
  • Gold Shield®
  • Nylon
  • Adhesives
  • Quartz Pre-Preg
  • Breather Material
  • PTFE Film