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Eastman’s operating control software, CutPRO, is a dynamic, all-inclusive platform that makes it effortless to operate Eastman’s automated cutting system.

Product Summary

CutPRO Overview

Eastman’s operating control software is a dynamic, all-inclusive platform that makes it effortless to operate Eastman’s automated cutting system.
Included with your system investment, cutPRO makes it easy to import files in many formats and it puts you in control of generating cut paths,
managing speeds, accelerations and tool types per material requirement.



Standard Features

  • cutPRO software
  • Windows® operating platform
  • Computer is contained within the control cabinet
  • Real-time on-screen display of cutting status
  • File progress by percentage and time
  • Simple machine calibration
  • Prevent unauthorized changes to the system and software with restricted login access
  • Material database saves all job settings
  • File storage by user preference
  • Simple nesting – down, right, up, left
  • Table digitizing
  • Material squaring functions (2 point or 3 point)
  • Power recovery (e-stops or power outages) allows system to resume operation from last position
  • Automated or manual controls of sequencing, start points and direction for optimization
  • Auto Cut-Off function
  • Remove common lines, duplicate entities, and edge cuts by layer
  • V-marking on static table for pattern pieces longer than table
  • Capable of integrating with ERP systems via built-in scripting language

Featuring CAD Tools & Performance

  • All basic CAD commands
  • Importing of most CAD file formats
  • Piece manipulation functions include move, rotate, scale, mirror, erase, copy and much more
  • Adjustable settings during active cutting include speed, pressure, overcut and acceleration
  • Quick Access Tool bar
  • Measurement tools
  • Complete control of tool functions

User Interface Terminal (UIT)

  • Features touch-screen monitor
  • Gantry mounted, may be used to run machine
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Calibration and manual cutting screen


  • Remote diagnostic capabilities
  • General training following cutting system installation. Additional online or on-site training available upon request

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