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Saber C-Series

The Saber C-Series computerized, cradle feed machine is a robust, yet smooth, material spreading system with models suitable for rolls up to 2,200 lb (997.9 kg). During the spread, varying tension within a roll is controlled by continuous measurement of the cloth deflection as it feeds from the system.

Product Summary

Saber C-Series Spreader

The Saber C-Series computerized, cradle feed machine is a robust yet smooth operating material spreading system with models suitable for up to 2,200 lb. rolls.

Varying tension within a roll is controlled by continuously measuring the angle deflection of the cloth as it feeds from the system, and the system compensates accordingly.

This Windows-based operating system features a modern color touchscreen display, allowing the user to key in spread length and splices. Files can be uploaded via WIFI from a remote computer location, or can be generated on the spreader. Multiple files can be sent remotely to create a queue.

Material Handling > Spreading Systems


Standard Features

  • Spreads up to 110 yards / minute (100 meters/minute)
  • Fast roll change, acceleration and braking
  • Roll loading equipment available


  • Riding platform – floor mounted
  • Rider guide track
  • Riding platform – table mounted
  • Double track
  • Flaw detector
  • Easy flaw removal
  • Width detector
  • Roller guides – no track
  • Integrated flaw cut-off knife
  • Custom working widths available upon request
  • Turntable
  • Upgrade to 12″ touchscreen
    • Compatible with most marker file types
    • Upload files at machine or remotely
    • Ability to detect splices from a spreading file
    • Material File Management
    • Step Layer Capability
    • Ability to join multiple files into one spread
    • Control of end of loss length
    • Override of splice position by operator when needed
    • Cutting file displayed on the screen with zoom features
    • Real time viewing of machine position on PC display

Spreading Modes

  • Face-up with knife
  • Face-to-face with knife
  • Face-to-face with catchers
  • Face-to-face nap with knife and turntable
spreader places blue material on cutting surface

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Additional Information

Roll Weight - Maximum

C-250 – 250 lbs. (115 kg)
C-550 – 550 lbs. (250 kg)
C-1200 – 1200 lbs. (545 kg)
C-1650 – 1650 lbs. (750 kg)
C-2200 – 2200 lbs. (1000 kg)

Roll Diameter - Maximum

C-250 – 27 in. (70 cm)
C-550 – 30 in. (80 cm)
C-1200 – 36 in. (90 cm)
C-1650 – 42 in. (110 cm)
C-2200 – 50 in. (130 cm)

Material Width

66 – 72 in. (168-183cm) Custom working widths available upon request.

Speed - Max. Per Minute

110 yards/minute (100m/minute)

Load Height

Based on frame height and model, please contact the factory for details.

Number of Wheels on Table

C-250 – 4
C-550 – 4
C-1200 – 6
C-1650 – 8
C-2200 – 8

Number of Wheels Driven

C-250 – 4
C-550 – 4
C-1200 – 6
C-1650 – 8
C-2200 – 8

Additional Information

Please contact the factory for additional information on spread heights, frame heights, knifes, catchers, etc.

Disclaimer: Achievable speeds and accelerations are tool, material and thickness dependent. All indicated speeds, dimensions, weights and performance data are approximate and subject to change without notice.

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