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VisionPRO uses a high-resolution camera system to scan the entire surface of printed fabric. The state-of-the-art software algorithms identify the geometry and distortion of the printed elements to ensure cut paths around printed shapes, registration marks, or repetitive patterns are precise and accurate.

Product Summary

visionPRO – stripes, florals, matching

A high resolution camera system combined with state-of-the art software algorithms ensures cut paths around printed shapes, registration marks or repetitive patterns is precise and accurate. visionPRO scans the entire surface of the fabric and is able to identify the entire geometry and distortion of the printed elements. Several modules are available to meet the needs of common application requirements for sportswear, advertising, automotive, upholstery and technical textile needs. The system includes camera and hardware components. visionPRO Software is an available accessory for all static and conveyor cutting systems.



Module 1

Contour Extraction

  • Performs automatic contour extraction
  • The cutting system cuts the parts on the external cutline of the printed shape
  • Internal cutlines are not supported
  • Especially useful for sportswear and advertising application

Module 2

Printed Marks Matching

  • Ensures automatic matching of the marks defined in the marker with the marks printed on scanned fabrics
  • The end user adds the external parts contour and other lines to be cut; two types of files are exported: the image file containing the unique parts image design and the vector file containing the shapes (.dxf)

Module 3

Repetitive Pattern Matching – Stripes, Plaids, Florals

  • Ensures matching of repetitive patterns, includes manual matching mode
  • Especially useful for upholstery and automotive applications

Module 4

Manual Placement

  • Used for visual placement and cutting of patterns, using the image of the scanned fabric and piece nesting in manual or automatic mode
  • Technical textile applications

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