by Lydia Anaka Lydia Anaka

Saratoga Horseworks’s Current Mission? Fulfilling The Need for American-Made PPE

Amsterdam, NY – Saratoga Horseworks has halted regular manufacturing of equestrian supplies to assist in local COVID-19 relief. In a matter of days, the company was able to bring PPE designs to life and has since supplied thousands of face shields and isolation gowns to health officials across the country.

“We are shipping about 7,500 gowns per week and have demand for over 30,000 at this time,” said Michael Libertucci, Saratoga Horseworks president. The company’s quick turnaround grabbed the attention of local executives and has been recognized as Montgomery County’s first ever Small Business of the Month.

“We have a great team here at Saratoga Horseworks,” says Libertucci. “I couldn’t be more proud of how they have stepped up (during this crisis).”

Since 1988, Saratoga Horseworks has been producing high-quality, American made consumer products. “We take pride in our made in USA label,” said Libertucci. Not only are the products made in America, but Saratoga Horseworks goes through great lengths to source innovative American-made materials and machinery. “Forget China,” says Libertucci, “buy American.”

For over a decade, Eastman machinery has been a staple in production for Saratoga Horseworks and Custom Sewn Products, the contract manufacturing division of the company. In fact, Libertucci recently purchased a new C125 conveyor to pair with his faithful EC3 conveyor. Using automation, they reduce material waste and increase efficiency he noted. Without the Eastman machinery, Libertucci believes they would not be able to keep up with contract orders.

Eastman Machine Company has been manufacturing American made cutting solutions for over 130 years and is honored to be working alongside a fellow Upstate New York manufacturer like Saratoga Horseworks. “It is exciting to see how much PPE in America is coming from our customers,” says Robert Stevenson, Eastman Machine President and CEO. “I am humbled by the continued effort to supply our citizens.”

Hundreds of cutting solutions are proudly designed and manufactured at Eastman Machine Company’s headquarters in Buffalo, New York. Complimentary test cut evaluations to capture the machine’s speed and recommended configuration are available by contacting the Eastman headquarters at +1-716-856-2200.


Watch Video of Saratoga Horseworks PPE Production.