C125 Conveyor System

HanseYachts Sp. z o.o., Lozienica, Poland

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As one of the biggest producers of recreational sailing and motor yachts in the world, HanseYachts regularly seeks ways to improve processes. Boatbuilding is complex and requires versatile and reliable production equipment. After investing in automated cutting equipment from Eastman Machine, HanseYachts Sp. z o.o. increased efficiency by almost 85%.

HanseYachts, and companies alike, work with a variety of both composites and advanced textiles. The company’s first conveyorized cutting system was specifically purchased to replace the manual cutting of glass fiber. The implementation of automation increased efficiency by 44%.

“There was a revolution and a change in our technological processes”, says Grzegorz Kaminski, HanseYachts Sp. z o.o. Cutting Room Manager. “The result was an increase in the quality of the manufactured product. Reduction of waste, standardization, and greater control over the production process were introduced.”

The Eastman cutter quickly became a vital member of the HanseYachts Sp. z o.o. team. After seeing machine capabilities firsthand, they began using the automated conveyor for a larger variation of materials – glass fiber, carbon fiber, Coremat®, and more.

HanseYachts Sp. z o.o. cutting room is equipped with two duplicate spreading, cutting, and marking configurations.



With the development of its sixth brand, RYCK, HanseYachts Sp. z o.o. implemented a second Eastman cutting system. The company wanted to support portfolio expansion by increasing productivity, maintaining quality, and avoiding production bottlenecks. The appearance of the second cutting system further increased efficiency by 38%.

Three factors are non-negotiable for HanseYachts Sp. z o.o. when selecting suppliers: high quality, reliable deliveries with consistent quality, and comprehensive after-sales service. Eastman Machine Company’s customized solutions and extensive expertise fit the bill.

“At Eastman, we understand the gravity luxury marine fabricators put into sourcing suppliers,” says Elizabeth McGruder, VP of European Sales and Marketing. “We are proud to work with a global giant like HanseYachts and look forward to the opportunities our partnership will bring.”

The conveyor cutting system, and hundreds of other cutting and material handling solutions, is proudly designed and manufactured at Eastman Machine Company’s headquarters in Buffalo, New York (USA). A network of Eastman sales, service, and demonstration facilities is located globally to support the team of experts at the company headquarters.

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