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Laser cutting offers manufacturers working with technical fabrics three major advantages:

  1. Cutting and sealing edges simultaneously (known as “cut and seal”), eliminating fraying and minimizing lint.
  2. Cutting single or multi-layered material quickly and consistently without physical contact, reducing defects from wrinkling and pulling.
  3. Maneuvering with high accuracy, allowing for detailed cuts, perforation, and engraving.

These benefits are ideal for companies designing and producing for military and law enforcement applications, as well as outdoor and adventure gear like tents and camper awnings. Using a fabric laser cutter to cut and seal may be a viable solution for manufacturers working with any technical textile designed for rugged conditions.

Types of Materials Compatible with a Laser Cutting Machine

Fabric laser cutters are often the great option for particularly difficult-to-cut textiles, including CORDURA®, Kevlar®, Sunbrella®, sailcloth, leather, and nylon ripstop. Lightweight materials like polyester, cotton, and fleece, are also ideal for laser cutting tables, as the results can quickly be replicated with ease and precision.

Is Laser Cutting Right for You?

See Eastman’s industrial ceramic core CO2 laser cutting machine in action during demonstrations at our headquarters in Buffalo, NY, USA. We offer both in-person and digital cutting demos on a variety of in-stock textiles as well as your specific manufacturing materials.
This live presentation is an excellent opportunity to see how laser cutting can benefit your facility and ask questions about the equipment in real time.

Laser cutting is not the right solution for hazardous materials, including flammable textiles and fabrics that emit toxic fumes when cut.

A Machine for Every Need

Eastman Machine Company prides itself on delivering customized cutting and material handling solutions for manufacturers in a variety of industries working with a vast array of textiles. The L135 Laser system adds precision and flexibility to the cutting floor while remaining user-friendly and long-lasting. Of course—like every Eastman cutting solution—the industrial fabric laser cutting machines we design and build for our customers are paired with lifetime customer support.

Learn more about Eastman’s cutting and material handling options engineered specifically for advanced textiles.


Our lightweight textile-cutting laser system mounts to the gantry of a static or conveyor Eastman cutting table. This allows for a quick transition from traditional cutting to laser cutting. Adding a laser to your cutting solution does not affect your ability to utilize marking and labeling tools, or any other tool head options.


Customize your fabric laser cutter to fit the needs of your manufacturing facility. Eastman offers lasers with 50, 60, 80, 100, and 120 watt configurations. Higher-wattage lasers are more powerful cutting solutions, ideal for thicker materials. Lasers with lower wattages can cut thin materials, including paper, or engrave more durable textiles.

Operate your laser cutter with compressed air, nitrogen, or CO2 depending on your material and facility. Your material will also dictate how fast you can cut and seal. Eastman’s fabric laser cutting machine is capable of moving at speeds ranging from 1/2 inches per second up to 30 inches per second, depending on the type of material, textile thickness, and cut files. Consumable cutting belt options include galvanized steel, steel honeycomb, and wire mesh surfaces that easily slide in place over the cutting tabletop. An Eastman specialist will assist in determining what cutting surface is best for your needs based on your material and application.

Safe and Easy to Use

Adding a fabric laser cutter to your production floor means increasing precision and streamlining processes—not adding more work for your machine operators or facility managers. Eastman’s laser is fan-cooled; no chiller is required. The machine is key switch activated for laser lockout. There are multiple fume extraction options available to capture hazardous fumes and particulates at the source, ensuring they don’t enter the operator’s breathing zone, damage the laser system, or discolor your material.

Our laser system is a Class 4 laser product. Avoid eye and skin exposure to direct or scattered radiation.


The ceramic core laser tube used in Eastman’s textile laser cutting machine is built to last, even when used in harsh cutting room conditions. Our laser system is backed by decades of advanced textile cutting experience and industry-leading customer support. From test cuts to technical troubleshooting, the team of experts at Eastman can help you customize and maintain the right solution for your performance textiles.

When you choose an Eastman fabric laser cutting machine, you’re investing in a high-quality, American-made cutting machine and partnering with a team dedicated to lifelong performance.