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The marine industry relies on a wide variety of materials to build boats and their accessories. Composites, including fiberglass and carbon fiber, carpet, vinyl and other upholstery materials, as well as canvas and other technical fabrics used in covers and sails, all must be cut with precision and reliability. The industry is also constantly looking for stronger, lighter materials that can withstand use by passionate boaters, professional watersport athletes, and commercial fishermen alike.

Cutting Composites for Marine

Eastman knows the challenges of cutting assorted technical materials. We design the kind of versatile, innovative solutions necessitated by marine-grade materials, from composites to canvas. Our industry-specific cutting solutions are backed by technical expertise and lifetime support. The global team at Eastman can answer your questions about cutting and handling boat building materials. We also offer complementary concept testing to ensure your new cutter meets your unique specifications.

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Automated Cutting

Computerized cutting machines are cutting-edge yet reliable, making them ideal for the boatbuilder or other marine industry manufacturer looking to streamline and scale. Eastman offers automated cutting systems available in a range of sizes with multiple optional accessories to fit your space, business, and boat construction materials.

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Our American-made machinery is heavy duty and can easily withstand harsh or high particulate environments. Operating computer and control cabinets are sealed against dust and water-resistant. Cabling connectors, servo motors, and display components meet recognized international protection rating standards for the composite industry.

Eastman’s automated systems are equipped with flexible, modular cutting software that allows operators to import patterns from industry-standard design software and cut even complex patterns quickly. A computer-controlled cutting table allows you to save commonly-used settings so you can switch between multiple materials without time-consuming recalibration.

Your Eastman can be equipped with multiple system options to better suit your needs, starting with the two- or three-spindle Eastman Tool Head. Choose a combination of round and drag blades, punches, and notches that work for your boat construction materials. Additional system options include the EasiMark™ airbrush marking system and JetPRO inkjet printer, which both include industry-approved inks for high-speed printing. Our industry experts can also recommend a cutting surface that fits your materials and machine.

Together, all of these features offer numerous benefits for marine industry manufacturers. Automated cutting systems increase quality and improve material utilization while reducing labor.

Material Handling

It’s not just your cutting system that needs to meet the demands of your technical materials. Eastman offers material handling solutions that can streamline your manufacturing process while moving and storing your marine-grade materials with ease. Our feeding and spreading systems complement our industrial cutting tables for a complete cutting and handling solution. Further mechanizing the manufacturing process increases the benefits of automation, including increased quality and efficiency, which are especially important when utilizing costly technical fabrics and composite boat building materials.

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