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The Eastman Saber C-Series E computerized, cradle feed machine is a robust yet smooth operating material spreading system capable of handling material rolls up to 2,200 lb. (1,000 kg) and 50 inches in diameter. Manufactured in Buffalo, New York (USA), the Saber C-Series E Spreading system offers three spreading modes: face-up with knife; face-to-face with knife; face-to-face with catchers.

A newly integrated touchscreen display facilitates fast and intuitive input of operational factors like spread length and splice points from clearly defined menu options. This failsafe display limits the options given to users based on various authorization levels, reducing operator errors and minimizing training time. In comparison, earlier Saber models had antiquated push buttons and minimal computer-assisted prompts. This made the user’s experience cumbersome and routine job settings unreliable.

The updated Windows-based operating system makes it easy to upload marker files via WiFi (optional) from a remote computer location, or they can be generated on the spreader. The operator can select multiple files remotely to create a list. An input/output diagnostic analysis report is also available through the new color display.

Overall ease of use for the operator is simplified with the implementation of material file management capabilities. The user can save regularly used material parameters like, but not limited to: speed, length of spread, acceleration, ply count, and cut mode, either on the machine or network connected computer to ensure operational settings are uniform and optimized at any given time.

A new machine-mounted barcode scanner (optional) helps manifest information quickly and accurately across system platforms and enables accurate control over inventory or other variables that are tracked.

New “Saber C-Series E” Features include:

  • Windows-based operating system
  • Modern, color touchscreen
  • WiFi capabilities (optional)
  • English/Spanish language controls
  • Machine diagnostics
  • Maintenance prompts
  • Upload files remotely
  • Material utilization package with splice recognition
  • PLC
  • Material File Management
  • Step Layer Capability

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